book drive organizer

Ms. Le (8th Grade English Language Arts teacher)

at Frontier School Of Innovation, Kansas City, MO

Here since Nov 16, 2016

Books received - 21

Let me introduce myself, I am Ms. Michelle Le. I am the 8th grade English Language Arts teacher at Frontier School of Innovation, and I also teach two of the writing workshops: Intensive Writing, and Inquiry Writing. I have taught at the school for 2 years now, and have 4 years experience in education. I was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. I graduated from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, with a double major: Secondary Education with an emphasis in English, and a major in English with an emphasis in Literature. My passions are comic books, musics, different cultural cuisines, cooking, and the arts. My passion for teaching is to help students find their voice, their identity and and to help them prepare for their future. I love bring different technology pieces into our lessons.


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